Friday, November 21, 2014

Phuket, Thailand: A Check Off Of the Bucket List

I didn’t have any itinerary when I went to Thailand. I just planned to get lost, to wander, which is always my goal whenever I travel.

Day 1:
I reached Phuket at about 1pm and was at the hotel by approximately past 2pm. I took the mini-van which cost 200 baht. You need to wait for the van to be filled before it leaves, probably 10-12 passengers.

After taking some rest on the hotel, I headed to the white sand beach of Kata; this was just a 5-minute walk from where I stay. I chose Kata because this is the farthest beach compared to other two beaches, Patong and Karon.

Kata Beach
Day 2:
This was a whole day of island hopping. The original price was 2300 baht but I was bargaining so it went down to 1500 baht until we finally shook hands at 1350 baht. The trip includes free coffee, juice, and a sandwich as breakfast, and free lunch in the afternoon.

The island hopping was amazing. Clap! clap!

Day 3:
It was an early flight on the third day so I didn’t have much to do but to go to the airport.

In comparison to other beaches, Phuket was way better than Bali. Though, it’s pretty much the same with what we have in the Philippines such as Palawan and Boracay.

Very Best:
It’s always the best thing to experience local food. Chat with other tourist, especially the backpacker ones. Learn about their culture, hear their travel experiences as well and share thoughts about the places you've both been to.

Are you coming back?
I normally don’t go back to the places that i have been with. Why? I’d rather spend my money somewhere else.

I spent about 10,000 Php. I believe it was a reasonable amount to spend because I was alone. it would have been cheaper if I was with someone.
My motto is to travel the cheapest way possible. Do your homework first before you travel. Book your ticket in advance, search for the cheapest but modest accommodation. Read reviews and always have other option just in case the first one failed. I know these are basics but they're really helpful.
Ask question. If you're lost, do not hesitate to ask for direction and instructions. Make sure you get your bases covered.

Be careful:
Do not take a very early flight as the mini vans leave at 7:30 am, it’s the earliest. Otherwise, you will not have any other choice but to pay a taxi which is 900 baht, that’s even the cheapest.

Why Thailand? Well, Phuket has been in my bucket list and it was my birthday anyway, so it was the perfect excuse to finally make it happen :) – Siyer Ana

Phuket, Thailand: A Check Off Of the Bucket List (October 1 – 3, 2014)

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