Friday, October 24, 2014

Bohol September 2014

Explore Bohol by yourself or with family. The food was great because the fish was fresh. The rice was really good. It was said that their rice came from their own province, thus, they are not importing or exporting their rice.

Capturing the Humps

We went to Loboc beach. I think it’s not meant for swimming because the shore was rocky. But if you want to swim you may hire boats to get you farther. 

Loboc Beach

Relaxing at Loboc Beach

Refreshing mango juice at Loboc

Hello Tarsier!

Silence please, that’s how they are going to welcome you at the morning. Tarsiers were sleeping when we went there. You just have to pay P50 for the entrance. They said that there are more than 100 tarsiers on the manmade forest.

Hello there! Find me!
Sleepy as me
Tarsier Conservatory - Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Best Humps

I was happy to look at these hills. It was really relaxing. You need to do more than a 100 steps to see the Chocolate Hills. Be careful as you walk through the steps because the blow of the wind will kiss your cheeks.

Chocolate Hills

Best Humps

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